9 Best Long Head Tricep Exercise.

#1. Overhead Tricep Extension

#2. Cable Triceps Kickback

#3. SkullCruchers

#4. Tricep Pushdown

#5. Triceps Dips

9 Best Exercise To Grow Your Long Head Triceps Muscle.

1. Overhead Triceps Extension

2. Triceps Kickbacks

3. Lying Triceps Extension

4. Cable Triceps Pushdown

How to program Triceps Workout?

Programming a workout is based on individual goals - what a person wants to achieve and every gym goer's come with a different mindset. Some of you want to increase strength or maybe endurance or hypertrophy. These three keywords have different workout programs such as different exercise sets, number of reps, rest, frequency, and volume. Here below we design different triceps workout plans on the basis of different personal goals:-