How to Perform TRX Side Plank Crunch

Muscles Target: Obliques, Abs, Core.

Equipment: TRX Suspension Trainer.

Level: Advanced.


TRX side plank crunch is an advanced way to work obliques muscles using suspension straps and your bodyweight.

By doing a crunch, the exercise targets also on abs, core, and shoulders as you are suspended from an anchor point.

Benefits of TRX Side Plank Crunch?

  • TRX Side Plank Crunch develops your core strength, which improves your posture, mobility, endurance, and flexibility.
  • It is the best exercise for obliques muscle, by developing obliques it also hit abs, quadratus lumborum (low back muscles), and shoulders during the movement.
  • It also improves the neuromuscular response (reflexes) and stability which can come in handy if you take a misstep off a curb or need to react quickly to a falling object.
  • The best exercise for reducing body fat especially the lower back of the body.

How to do TRX Side Plank Crunch?

  • Place your foot in each handle of TRX straps so that you form a parallel line with the ground by put your forearm under your shoulder.
  • Now crunch, bring your knees towards your chest by engaging your core, and do reps as the maximum you can do.
  • Then switch to another side and repeat the same as you did.

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