How to do Sumo Squat: Lower Body Workout

Muscle Target: Lower Body

Level: Intermediate

sumo squat

The sumo squat is the best lower-body compound exercise that emphasizes the muscles of the inner thigh, as well as the glutes and hip flexors.

It is also a best exercise for core muscles, and it provides more balance and stabilize the hips.

Benefits of Sumo Squats!

Sumo squats are an excellent way to build your lower body muscles, increase stability, and improve balance. Because squatting is a compound exercise, it targets all the muscles that really help us in our daily life like running, walking, jumping, climbing, and so many others activities.

Sumo squats in particular increase activation of the adductors, which are the muscles that run down your inner thighs. There are dozens of exercise for your legs muscles, but sumo thighs are the best for inner thighs that gives power, balance, strength to legs, hips, and other muscles.

It is also a perfect exercise for your core muscles, by more challenging it can target all the core muscles in a different way.

How to do Sumo Squats?

  • Stand with your feet wide width apart and your toes pointing at 45° angles.
  • Drop into a squat, bending at the hips and knees and sitting back. Keep your chest up and knees out.
  • Keep lowering until your hips lower than your knees while your thighs are parallel to the ground or slightly below.
  • Then come back to the starting position. Repeat it again until your targeted reps are not completed.
  • When you stand back, keep your feet on the floor. Make sure you don’t lift it up and come out with a lumbar curve, the back should be straight.

Variation of Sumo Squats

Reaching Sumo Squat

Reaching Sumo Squat
  • Stand in a squats position, plant the feet wider than your shoulder-width and extend your arms over your head.
  • Lower the body down in a controlled way and reach the floor with your fingertips.
  • When you lowering your upper body, go down until your hips lower than your knees and your back should be straight.

Pulsing Sumo Squats

  • Stand in a Sumo position, with planting your legs wider than your shoulder-width apart, pointed toes forward.
  • Lower the body down, then pulse up a few inches as you rotate the toes 45° angle outward.
  • Back to starting position and repeat.

Weighted Sumo Squats

  • Stand in a sumo squats position with grabs a dumbbell on both hands.
  • Plant your legs wider than your shoulder-width.
  • Now lower your body to squats and lower the weight slowly between the legs to the ground.
  • When weight reach in your heels, rise up and squeeze your glute muscles briefly before doing the next reps.

Jump Sumo Squats

  • Do a simple Sumo squats by bending the knees and pointed out your toes.
  • Now here jump up by pushing your heels off the ground.
  • Land gently and repeat the same as you did.

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