Standing Knee Tuck Extension: Best Exercise To Reduce Your Love Handles.

Muscles Target:Abs, Obliques, Core
Level:Beginners to Intermediate
Main Goal:Reduce love handle fat.

Standing Knee Tuck Extension is the best exercise for your lateral trunk muscles – it work on your internal and external obliques muscle. People love to do it for its good result to burn fat from the sides of your waist and develop obliques muscles.

Standing side  crunch

How to do Standing Knee Tuck Extension?

  • Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart and your toes pointed out.
  • Put your hands behind your head. Brace your core and bend the right side of the waist, bringing your knee up and your elbow down simultaneously.
  • Pause and then return to starting position and repeat same on the other side.
  • Do it until 14 reps are completed on each side with 3 sets.

Tip: Engage your core at all times. Pause at the moment when knee and elbow are going to touch.


This exercise is best for the individual how have extreme obestiy on the side of the belly. The standing knee tuck extension also knows as standing side crunches, that also really helpful for the individual how wants their abs more visible. You can put this exercise in your cardio or HIIT workout.