How to Do a Single-Leg Side Plank

Muscles Targets: Shoulders, Obliques, Legs, Lower back, Abs.

Level: Advanced

Single_leg Side Plank

Single-Leg Side Plank is an advanced variation of standard side plank. This exercise boost lower back endurance and best for obliques and hip abductors.

Actually by doing this exercise engages your core, which hits your obliques and other core muscles in a greater way. This exercise makes abs more elegant to look.

How to do Single-Leg Side Plank?

  • Get into a side plank position, bend your elbow under your shoulder and keep your feet together (one leg on the above of the other in a side plank position).
  • Then lift the top leg and engage your core, lower slowly and repeat it until 12 reps.
  • After 12 reps completed, repeat it same to another side.


  • Avoid hunching your shoulders forward.
  • Avoid lifting your hips up and letting them down to the floor.

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