How to Do Side Plank: Best Obliques Exercise.

Side Plank

Side plank is an good exercise and famous for the two layers of the side of core muscles, known as obliques. The side plank position build your internal and external obliques that look great with the combination of abdominal muscles “your six pack”. It burn your side waist fat in a greater way.

The obliques benefits you to rotate and tunk your torso, and also help to protect your spine. It also improve your abs shape by building your transverse abdominal muscles. It not impact only your abs and obliques also effect little bit of your core muscles from shoulder to hip.

Benefits of Side Plank

  • Build your obliques muscles: Internal and External Oblique.
  • Make your abs more shape and attractive.
  • Burn your side belly fat.
  • Develop Transverse abdominal muscles
  • Best exercise for your core muscles.
  • Improve your posture.
  • Boost flexibility, endurance, and physical fitness.

How to do Side Plank?

  • Lie on your right side with the support of your right elbow under the shoulder and extended legs stacked on top of each other. Plant your forearm forward-pointing away from you.
  • With a neutral neck and controlled body, breathe out and brace your core muscle.
  • Push your hips off the ground so that your weight on your elbow and the side of your right foot. Your body should be a straight line from your ankles to your head.
  • Hold this position for the duration of the exercise. Then Repeat on your left side.

How long to hold Side Plank?

The answer is about your fitness level, but the aim should be to target up to 1 minute on each side with 3 sets. The interval of each set takes 40 seconds rest.


Avoid dropping your hips during the exercise. If it is hard to hold the position, you can try to performing the exercise from your knees or also reducing the duration of the side plank. It is better to perform 20 seconds plank with proper form rather than 60 seconds with poor form.

Variation of Side Plank

Side Plank Dips

Side Plank Dip

Make a position of traditional side plank and raise your upper arm towards the ceiling, straight above you. Drop your hips until they come into contact with the ground by bending both knees, then return to the original position slowly. Repeat 12 reps and then switch to the other side.

Side Plank Rotation

Side Plank Rotation

Make a traditional plank position by lifting your upper arm straight at shoulder level. Now rotate your core and lower the upper arm to thread the space under you. Go until your shoulders are close to parallel to the floor. Unthread your arms and return to the starting position. Repeat until 12 reps and then turn the side and repeat.

Elevated Side Plank

Elevated Side Plank

Lift your right side of your body by extending legs stacked on each other and your right hand. Palm down on the ground of your right hand directly under your shoulder, with your fingers facing away from you. Raise your upper arm up toward the ceiling. Hold this “Elevated Side Plank” for up to 60 seconds.

Side Plank Side Crunches

Plank Side Crunch

Lie on one side of your body by planting your elbow under your shoulder level with your extended legs straight and stacked one upon another. Place your upper arm’s hand behind your head. Engage your core and reach your upper elbow towards your upper leg knee by bending the leg and comes toward the elbow at the same time. Pause and come back to the same position and repeat. After complete your reps, switch the position and do crunch the same as you did from the first side.

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