Main Goal: – Loss Fat and make a shredded body.
Duration: – 2 Months.
Level: – Intermediate or Advanced.
Shredded Body

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There is not any shortcut method that makes you “Fat to Fit.”

To make a shredded body you need to kick off your ass from the sedentary behaviors and fucking join the gym and burn some calories that tend you to cut fat.

To create a shredded physique, not only worry about the workout plan but also needed to focus on your diet routine. Diet plays a very important role in both fat loss or muscle-building procedures.

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If you want to cut your fat, you need to eat fewer calories than you burn. When you consume fewer calories than you burn, the body needs extra energy and it taps stored fat. That’s the way you can make lose your unwanted fat.

Alternatively, when you eat more calories than you burn, your body will store the food as excess energy at tissue. So, with the consciousness of your workout day by day routine, you also take a keen on your nutrition chart.

You are decreasing your caloric consumption and subsequently your energy stores. Also, you can feel your strength will undoubtedly diminish during a cut. However, you want to stimulate your muscles as much as possible to retain your muscle mass. Make sure to still lift heavy, albeit with a slightly lower volume, to avoid overtraining while cultivating a full and muscular lean physique.

To make a shredded body you have to know about all the forcefully jargons that make your workout tougher to reduce fat.

  • Supersets: Combination of two or more exercises that are performed back to back without any rest.
  • Forced Reps: The forced reps are done with some external spot when you are exhausted.
  • Drop Sets: In the last set upon failure, reducing the weight and continue the set with some more reps or failure.
  • Holds: Upon completing the set, you hold the weight with muscles contracted until failure.
  • Rest-Pause Set: Upon failure, rest for 10-15 seconds and continue the set until again failure or desired rep range.

Two Phase System

Below you will discover a two-phase system or 8-week workout plan (2 months) to achieve the ideal muscular physique. Each phase will change intensity or caloric burn to continuously adapt your body.

Phase I: Week 1, 3, 5, 7

In this phase focus on your workout with diet also. Intake the double protein in gram comparison of your weight in kg and lesser the carbs or fat.

Day 1: Chest & Shoulder

AIncline Dumbbell Fly31230 seconds
BIncline Dumbbell Press610-845 seconds
C1Barbell Press4100 seconds
C2Flat Bench Fly41060 seconds
DCross Cable Fly52045 seconds
EStanding Dumbbell Press31230 seconds
FSide Raises31240 seconds
GRear Delt Cable Fly31230 sec
HCardio30 minutes.

Day 2: Biceps, Triceps & Abs Workout

ADumbbell Curls315,12,1030 seconds
BBarbell Curl410,10,10,1045 seconds
C1Wide Grip310,10,100 seconds
C2Close Grip310,10,100 seconds
DSpider Curl418,16,14,1245 seconds
EOverhead Cable Extensions312,12,1230 seconds
FSkull Crushers310,10,1040 seconds
GTriceps V bar Press down315,15,1545 seconds
HHanging leg raises420,20,20,2060 seconds
IScissor Jackstotal100

Day 3: Back & Forearms

APull-ups48-1045 seconds
BStanding Rope Pullovers52060 seconds
CWide Grip Lat Pulldown41245 seconds
DReverse Grip Rows410-1245 seconds
EBarbell Row8845 seconds
FDumbbell Pullovers312-1530 seconds
GWrist Curl42560 seconds
HReverse Wrist Curl42560 seconds

Day 4: Shoulders and Abs

AFront Raise52045 seconds
BShoulder Press510-1260 seconds
CFront Barbell Raise31545 seconds
DSeated Side Raise31545 seconds
EBent Over Delt Fly310-1230 seconds
FDumbbell Shrugs68-1045 seconds
GHanging Leg Raises42060 seconds
HCable Crunch42060 seconds

Day 5: Legs & Calves

ALeg Extension52060 seconds
BSeated Leg Curl52060 seconds
CSquats81260 seconds
DBulgarian Split Squat31260 seconds
EStanding Calve Raises33345 seconds

Day 6: Cardio

45 minutes of cardio.

Day 7: Rest or Stretch

Phase II: Week 2, 4, 6, 8

This session is even more intense. You will increase your protein intake while decreasing your carbs and fat allotments. You will also decrease your rest periods and increase your cardio. Keep moving forward! Here is where you will start to see some serious results.

Day 1: Upper Body

ABarbell Bench38,8,860 seconds
B1Barbell Row315,12,100 seconds
B2Push Up315,15,failure45 seconds
C1Machine Cable Fly315,12,100 seconds
C2Seated Cable Row315,12,100 seconds
C3Pull Up315,15,1545 seconds
D1Standing Dumbbell Press315,12,100 seconds
D2Triceps Rope press down315,12,100 seconds
D3Standing Curl315,15,1545 seconds
ECardio15 Minutes

Day 2: Lower Body

ASquat38,8,860 seconds
B1Dumbbell Lunge315,12,100 seconds
B2Seated Hamstring Curl3100 seconds
B3Seated Leg Extension31060 seconds
C1Romanian Deadlift315,12,100 seconds
C2Seated Leg Extension31040 seconds
D1Goblet Squats315,12,100 seconds
D2Barbell Hip Thrusts3100 seconds
ECardio15 minutes60 seconds

Day 3: Back, Biceps

APull Ups315, 15, failure60 seconds
B1Bent Over Dumbbell Row315, 12, 100 seconds
B2Lat Pulldown31060 seconds
C1Seated Wide Grip Cable315, 12, 100 seconds
C2Seated Close Grip Cable31060 seconds
DDumbbell Shrugs41045 seconds
E1Seated Dumbbell Curl315, 12, 100 seconds
E2Reverse Curl31260 seconds
FSpider Curl515, 12, 1045 seconds

Day 4: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

A1Dumbbell Press315,12,100 seconds
A2Machine Fly31260 seconds
BIncline Cable Fly515,12,1045 seconds
C1Standing Dumbbell Press315,12,100 seconds
C2Dumbbell Lateral Raises31060 seconds
DRear Delt Cable Flys320,18,1645 seconds
E1Overhead Cable Extensions316,14,120 seconds
E2Skull Crushers31260 seconds
FTriceps V bar Press down31540 seconds
GCardio15 minutes

Day 5: Leg

ASquats512-1540 seconds
BLeg Press41230 seconds
CLeg Extension41245 seconds
DStiff-Legged Deadlift31235 seconds
EBulgarian Split Squat312-1545 seconds
FStanding Calf Raise41845 seconds

Day 6: Cardio

Do 45 minutes of cardio.

Why Cardio is important during Shredded Body Plan?

Cardio acceleration is a powerful tool to help carve through your body fat stores while maintaining muscle mass. Utilizing cardio acceleration will not increase the length of your workout, but it can vastly increase your overall caloric burn. This technique will transform your resistance training workout into a HIIT workout of its own.

Options to do: Types of cardio you can do after your workout is complete.

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