How to Do Obliques Side Bend

Muscles Target: Core, Obliques, Transverse Abdominis

Level: Beginner

Oblique Side Bend is the best exercise for obliques: Internal and External Obliques. It is a beginner level of oblique exercise that reduces our side belly fat and lower back fat.

When you tuck your upper body lower to the floor with the support of weight along the side of the body by engaging your core, it also impacts your core, shoulders, and triceps muscles that build your physics. Most of the gym-goers love to do this exercise to charm their abs more.

Benefits of Obliques Side Bend

The main benefit of the Oblique side bend is to build your obliques and transverse abdominis muscles that’s why every gym-goer loves to do it. The following some more benefits of side bend:-

  • Develop Core Strength.
  • Builds Transverse Abdominis.
  • Develop more muscles on the Oblique.
  • Gives a proper shape of rectus abdominis.
  • Reduce Fat from your belly fat and lower back fat.
  • Improves your posture, flexibility, and strength.

How to do Oblique Side Bends?

  • Stand with your shoulder-width apart, holding a kettlebell or dumbbell in your right hand.
  • By looking forward, engage your core, then bend on the right side where you grab a dumbbell at your oblique side to the floor.
  • Lower the weight slowly, feel the pressure and bring it back to the starting position.
  • Do it until 14 reps are completed, then repeat on the left side.

Tips: Engage your core muscle while you bend your upper body. Do reps in a controlled way. Lower the body below your knee. Do 3 sets with 14 reps on each side.

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