8 Week Workout Routine To Build Muscle | Best Muscle Gain Strategy.

Type:-Muscle Gain
Period:-8 Weeks
Level:-Intermediate or advanced
8 weeks workout to muscle growth
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Gaining muscle is not an easy process, it takes effort and time to build. That’s the only reason the average person isn’t 300 pounds of muscle. To gaining muscle you need to make an achievable diet that can fulfill your daily calories with controlled macros. Although, you also need to focus on some strategy that helps you to make a bulky body.

Alternatively, weight gain is easy. Weight gain involves eating more calories than you burn. This is routinely achieved in an increasingly industrialized and sedentary society. Regularly burning 2,000 calories per day and ingesting 3,000 calories per day will cause steady and consistent weight gain.

In fact, consuming more calories does not mean increasing your more muscles. You need to eat limited calories against your burn. When you eat more calories than you burn, your body starts storing it as fat and leads the way called gaining weight.

Muscle Growth Strategy

The strategy you read is a kind of idea that can maintain and assist to build muscle in a better way. The master plan of muscle growth, really helpful when you are serious about your workout!

1. Consciousness about your diet:- Consuming food and beverage is a very important role to see as muscle growth. You need to focus on “how much macros contain in your meal” with limited calories. The below points can blow your mind and clear the way of thinking about diet.

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diet Routine To Build Muscle

Focus upon calories: – After reading the above paragraph, you already know that the individual needs to consume lower calories than the body burn, to avoid the excess calories stored as fat. Our calories are broken into three different macro-nutrients that is protein, carbs, and fats. These macros help your body to achieve growth and strength.

  1. Intake of Protein: – Muscles and hormones are made up of protein. Each gram of protein carries 4 calories per gram. If you go for bulking, you need to consume double bodyweight of protein in a gram. For example, 60kg bodyweight (you put your weight) X 2 = 120 grams of protein individual needs to consume a day. The consumption of protein is different for every individual based upon his/her weight.
  2. Carbs: – Carbs are the fuels that provide energy to individual during workout. Each gram of carbs provides 4 calories per gram. Carbs are stored as glycogen in your liver and muscles to help provide energy to your cells and muscular contractions. A person how are skinny and starts the journey of muscle growth, need to follow the equation [Carbs = {Caloric intake – ((protein in grams X 4) + (fat in grams X9))}/4].
  3. Fats: – Fats are the secret fruit in the giant’s serum. They carry 9 calories per gram, allowing you to increase your calories intake with little increase in food volume. Fat helps with the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, helps provides energy, and helps you feel full. The giant formula for intake fat is (Fats in grams = (calorie intake X 0.20)/9).

2. Drink a lot of Water:- Drinking lots of water doesn’t tend to build more muscle. But if you are dehydrated, your body going to have a tough time both generating new muscle and burning your store fat. Dehydration also leads to a lack of motivation or poor focus. So, as a gym-goer, you need to hydrate your body as much as possible. Drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day.

3. Sleep 8 hours:- Every gym person needs to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours. 8 hours of rest is very essential to the muscle recovery process. Without enough sleep, your muscles can go into a state of catabolism as a result of the stress hormone, cortisol. So, in a simple word proper rest helps you to repair and build a new muscle.

4. Good Supplement:- Supplements play a vital role in growing your muscle. There are lots of supplements on the market that wow you to build muscle easily. The most used supplement for gaining mass is the mass gainer. But if you follow my guidelines, I am totally against purchasing and using the mass gainer, because the whey protein also does a very good job.

supplement stacks for muscle growth

So, you can buy a good Protein, Creatine, Fish Oil, BCAA, for building mass and strength. I know it takes time, but it makes something that you deserve. Mass gainer has many side effects rather than pros. So, firstly research on which supplement is best or which is not for muscle growth. Then you can go for it.

5. Decide your target number of repetitions: – Very few individuals know the technique of the repetition continuum. The repetition continuum states that ”the individual do repetitions between 1-5 with weight tend to build strength.” And the repetition between 6-12 tends to build muscle growth or the last one “the repetitions between 12-20 tend to build muscle endurance.”

Relation Between Muscle Growth & Experience

The longer you have been working out, the slower your muscle gain will be. As a beginner, you will be able to quickly increase your size and strength. You will see exponential growth. As you progress towards your ultimate form you will find it more difficult to become a giant amongst giants. There is some reason behind your genetic peak.

A new male weight lifter can gain 20-25 pounds of muscle in the first year of training. A new female weight lifter can gain roughly half the weight, 10-12.5 pounds of muscles in year one.

You can easily see that if you are a new male weight lifter gaining 10 pounds in your first month, you are storing large amounts of excess energy as fat.

Experience Muscle Growth
Beginner (Less than one year)1-1.5% body weight per month
Intermediate (1-3 years)0.5-1% body weight per month
Advanced (3+ years)0.25-0.5% body weight per month

Phase One – 1 to 4 weeks.

Monday – Chest & Biceps

ABarbell Bench Press38-1245 seconds
BIncline Dumbbell Press38-1245 seconds
CFlat Bench Dumbbell Fly310-1545 seconds
DIncline Cable Fly315,12,1045 seconds
EMachine Fly315,12,1045 seconds
FStanding Barbell Curl51045 seconds
GConcentration Curl315,12,1045 seconds
HDecline Dumbbell Curl315,12,1045 seconds

Tuesday – Back & Shoulder

ABent-Over Barbell Row314,12,1045 seconds
BT Bar Row314,12,1045 seconds
CSeated Close Grip Cable Row312,10,845 seconds
DLat Pull Down312,12,1245 seconds
EDumbbell Press312,10,845 seconds
FDumbbell Lateral Raise314,14,1445 seconds
GRear Delt Cable Flys314,12,1045 seconds
HFront Raises314,12,1045 seconds
IShoulder Shrug315,15,1245 seconds

Wednesday – Triceps & Abs

ATricep Kickback312,12,1245 seconds
BEZ Incline Skullcrushers314,12,1045 seconds
CTricep Rope PushDown315,15,1545 seconds
DIsolated Triceps Extension312,12,1245 seconds
ETricep Dips312,12,1240 seconds
FLeg Raises312,12,1230 seconds
GBicycle Crunches312,12,1230 seconds
HMountain Climber312,12,1230 seconds

Thursday – Cardio

Friday – Chest & Biceps

AIncline Barbell Press310,10,1045 seconds
BFlat Dumbbell Press315,12,1045 seconds
CIncline Dumbbell Fly312,12,1245 seconds
DPlate Squeeze Press314,12,1045 seconds
EDecline Cable Fly316,14,1245 seconds
FStanding Cable Curl416,14,12,1045 seconds
GHammer Curl312,12,1230 seconds

Saturday – Legs & Back

ASquats314,12,1045 seconds
BLeg Press314,12,1045 seconds
CMachine Leg Extensions314,12,1045 seconds
DMachine Hamstring Curls314,12,1045 seconds
ECalves Raises314,14,1445 seconds
FDeadlift312,10,845 seconds
GOverhand Barbell Row314,14,1445 seconds
HSingle Arm Dumbbell Row314,12,1045 seconds
IStraight Arm Pulldown314,12,1045 seconds

Phase Two – 4 to 8 weeks.

Monday – Chest & Triceps

AFlat Barbell Bench Press312,10,845 seconds
BDecline Dumbbell Press314,12,1045 seconds
CFlat Bench Dumbbell Fly314,12,1045 seconds
DIncline Hex Press314,12,1045 seconds
EIncline Cable Fly316,14,1245 seconds
FCable Triceps Kickback315 reps each side20 seconds
GOverhead Cable Extension314,12,1045 seconds
HCable Rope Tricep Pushdown314,12,1045 seconds

Tuesday – Back & Biceps

AT Bar Row314,12,1045 seconds
BUnderhand Barbell Row314,12,1045 seconds
CClose Grip Lat Pulldown314,12,1045 seconds
DPull-ups310,10,1045 seconds
ESingle Arm Dumbbell Row314,12,1045 seconds
FBiceps 21s315 reps including bottom, top, or full.45 seconds
GEz-Barbell Curl314,12,1045 seconds
HPreacher Curl314,12,1045 seconds

Wednesday – Shoulder & Abs

ABarbell Shoulder Press312,10,845 seconds
BArnold Press312,10,845 seconds
CLeaning Lateral Raises312,12,1245 seconds
DEz-Bar Front Raises314,12,1045 seconds
ESeated Dumbbell Rear Fly312,12,1245 seconds
FUpright rows314,12,1045 seconds
GHanging Leg Raises310,10,1045 seconds
HSide Crunches315 each side30 seconds
IPlank3failure45 seconds

Thursday – Cardio

Friday – Chest & Triceps

AIncline Barbell Bench Press314,12,1045 seconds
BFlat Dumbbell Bench Press314,12,1045 seconds
CIncline Dumbbell Fly314,14,1445 seconds
DIncline Cable Fly314,12,1045 seconds
EPec Deck312,10,845 seconds
FSkull Crushers314,12,1045 seconds
GOne-Arm Overhead Extension314,12,1045 seconds
HBench Dips314,12,1045 seconds

Saturday – Legs, Shoulder & Back

AFront Squat314,12,1045 seconds
BLeg Press314,12,1045 seconds
CHamstring Curl314,12,1045 seconds
DDeadlift312,10,845 seconds
EStraight Arm Pulldown314,12,1045 seconds
FFace Pull314,12,1045 seconds
GCable Rear Delt Fly314,12,1045 seconds
HShrug314,12,1045 seconds

The Pros & Cons of Mass Gainer

Mass Gainer is a muscle growth supplement that makes consumers bigger very quickly or easily. It provides you a maximum number of calories with high in protein, high in carbs, and lower in fat.

Pros: High amount of Calories

nutrition label of mass gainer
Image-4 (nutrition label)

At the starting of the article I told you, “If you eat a limited surplus of calories than you burn, your body tends to build muscle growth.”

The above (Image-4) is one of the mass gainer nutrition labels that shows you how many calories contain per serving. So, mass gainers provide you with a high number of calories dosage that helps you to build muscle growth.

But I remind you consuming a high number of calories doesn’t mean, you are increasing more muscle.

You need to eat limited calories against your burn. When you eating more calories than you burn, your body starts storing it as fat and leads the way called gaining weight.

Cons: Fat gain or Muscle Gain

It’s important to realize that growing muscle overnight doesn’t happen.

Maximum mass gainer consumers agree on the point that mass gainer is that muscle that comes very fast and doesn’t come on at a measurable rate. Muscle growth rate very fast as compared to other gym partners. It doesn’t mean the mass gainer is a type of steroid, but it creates confusion “is it muscle or fat?”

So, if you want to gain weight, then it is ok, with it. But if the idea is to gain muscle then it can be misleading. Honestly, this was an amazing product in the clinical setting as a way to prevent atrophy. But the combination of whey protein or good training is the best option to choose.

Natural athletes can probably gain 0.2 to 0.5 pounds of muscle per week. So, growing very fast muscle can astonish everyone “Is it muscle or fat?” Because in a month or two, gaining rich muscularity without gaining fat is a very difficult procedure.

The conclusion is mass gainer isn’t quite enough to get the ideal body. I can’t recommend it.