How to Do Landmine Rotation

Muscles Worked:Obliques, Lower back, Shoulders (delts), Shoulders blades.
Level:Advanced Level.
Main Goal:Build strong obliques.
Landmine Rotation

Landmine Rotation Overview

The landmine rotation is a variation of the Russian twist that targets your obliques muscles. The landmine rotation utilizes the landmine implement to pause your weight in a fixed movement pattern as you move it through the range of motion.

Landmine Rotation is the best exercise for reducing fat from the sides of the core. It develops both internal and external obliques. The obliques make your abs more attractive and shapely. Now you can easily understand the importance of doing rotation landmine exercises.

How to do Landmine Rotation?

  • Grab the end of the barbell with both hands overlapping in the front of your face. For better engagement, drop the barbell in a landmine attachment or corner of the wall.
  • Extend your arm above your face, and drop it to your right hip by twisting your torso.
  • Bend your knees slightly and extend your arms straight at the weight of the barbell, wait for a beat, and then rotate your torso to bring the barbell up and move to the left hip as same you did.
  • Pivot feet when you drop the barbell to make it smooth.
  • Repeat, alternating side until you go failure with 3 sets.

Sets and Reps:-

You can do 3 sets with 12+12+failure reps. The failure you need to do high repetition as much as possible you can. To start every set, take 50-60 seconds of rest.


When you twist your ribs, keep your hips/pelvis as stationary as possible. If you have trouble rotating your pelvis then consider widening the feet and pivoting your toes to lower the hands.

Keep a slight bend in your knees as you rotate, this should help take a bit of tension off your lumbar spine during the movement. Maximum rotation comes from your upper back, not from your lumbar spine.