How To Do TRX Oblique Crunch.

Muscles Worked:Obliques, Hips, Transverse Abdominis.
Main Goal:Build your obliques very shapely.
trx obliques crunch

How to do TRX Oblique Crunch?

  • Place your feet in the TRX straps in each handle, and form a parallel to the ground by your hands below your shoulder; High plank position.
  • Engage your core and bend your knees to bring them towards the right elbow to hit the obliques.
  • Return to start, repeating on the left side as you did on the right side.


  • Your body should be in a straight form from head to heel when you drop your feet on the handle and plant your hands below your shoulder.
  • After starting the motion, brace your oblique, brace where you are going to tuck.
  • Do its 3 sets with 12/12/failure reps on each side. The failure reps as can as possible you do.

Sets and Repetitions

Do 3 sets of 12 reps and you can also go for failure at your last sets. Take 30-45 seconds of rest between the sets.

Other Advance Obliques Workout

TRX Obliques Rollout

  • Stand on your knees by bending it in the front of TRX bands, adjust them at an appropriate level.
  • Grab both handles with each hand and straighten your arms.
  • Dropping your chest on the right side by driving your arms along your neck (up) in a slow or controlled motion.
  • Lower down as far as you can go while keeping your spine neutral.
  • Slowly come back to the starting position with arms straighten at chest level, then drop to the other side.

TRX side crunch

  • Place your foot in each handle of TRX straps so that you form a parallel line with the ground by putting your forearm under your shoulder.
  • Now crunch, bring your knees towards your chest by engaging your core and do reps as the maximum you can do.
  • Then switch to another side and repeat the same as you did.

Hanging Windshield Wiper

  • Grabs a bar above your head more than shoulder-width apart, by palms forward grip.
  • Engage the core muscles when you raise both legs together off the ground, and lift up legs extended until your feet are parallel to the ceiling.
  • Now drop the legs to the right side to emphasize obliques muscles like a windshield wiper, in a controlled motion come back to the center.
  • Then go to the left side, you can do it as maximum reps you can do with 3 sets.