Hanging Windshield Wiper: Best Exercise for Obliques and Abs.

Muscles Target: Obliques, Abs, Core

Level: Advanced

hanging windshield woper

Hanging Windshield wiper is an advanced level of exercise that helps to build your overall core muscles but Obliques and rectus abdominous are the main muscle.

The variation of hanging leg raise – Hanging Windshield Wiper, so difficult to hold your legs up towards the ceiling and twist legs to each side in a controlled motion. You are like fighting gravity to build core muscle.

If you are a beginner, first you focus to develop your core muscle by doing other abs intermediate workouts like Hanging leg raise, Hanging oblique tuck, etc.

How to do Hanging Windshield Wiper?

  • Grabs a bar above your head more than shoulder-width apart, by palms forward grip.
  • Engage the core muscles when you raise both legs off the ground together, and lift it up extended until your feet are parallel to the ceiling.
  • Now drop the legs to the right side to emphasize obliques muscles like a windshield wiper, in a controlled motion come back to the center.
  • Then go to the left side, you can do it as maximum reps you can do with 3 sets.

Benefits of Hanging Windshield Wiper

  • Hanging windshield wiper is the trending exercise to develop your core muscle.
  • It builds your posture, core strength, reduces lower pain, belly fat loss, and etc.
  • Actually, this exercise is only for targeting your obliques muscles in a deep way.
  • It also builds your abs in a different way which makes your abs more love.
  • The muscles back, shoulders and forearms also cooked just trying to hold you in place while you move your legs.


When you start lifting your legs, engage your core muscle, which helps to emphasizes your muscles in a greater way.

I recommended doing 3 sets with 2 of them do 12 reps and the last one go for failure, aiming to keep the side-to-side even.

If you little more struggle to do, bend your knees slightly to do extra reps.

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