Flutter Kick: Best Lower Abs Exercise.

Muscles Target: Rectus Abdominis, Hip, Thighs, Core

Level: Intermediate

Flutter kick is an exercise that works the muscles of the core, specifically the lower rectus abdominal muscles, plus the hip flexors. It is the best move to remove fat from your belly and thighs area.

How to do Flutter Kick?

  • Lie down on your back straight and put your hands underneath your buttocks.
  • Keep your lower back on the ground as you lift the right leg off the ground slightly past the hip height and at the same time lift the left leg so its hovers a few inches off the floor.
  • Hold it for 3 seconds, then switch the position of legs, making a flutter kick motion.
  • Repeat this for 30 seconds.

Benefits of Flutter Kick

  • Flutter is the best exercise for your abdominal muscle and overall core muscle.
  • Flutter Kick improved your posture, balance, and stability.
  • Increased strength for other physical activities like swinging a golf club, reaching for something on a shelf, or trying your shoes.

Tips to make you easier

  • Engage your core when you start doing the flutter kick exercise.
  • Plant your hands on your buttocks on each side for support but for more effective place your arms side you.
  • To more challenging, lift your head and neck off the ground.
  • Do 3 sets of targeted reps as you wish.

Variation of Flutter Kick

Leg raise

leg raise

Lie face up straight and put the hand at your sides or underneath your hips for extra support. Slowly raise your legs, keeping them together and as straight as possible, until the heels are perpendicular to the floor. At the same time slowly put it back down toward starting position, but don’t touch the floor, keep them hovering a few inches off. At the same momentum, repeat it again until the 12 reps completed.

Weighted Leg raise

leg raise with weight

Hold a dumbbell between your feet and lie down on the floor back. Engage your core, then in a controlled way raise your leg. Lift both legs up as much possible you can with weight.

Leg raise dip station

Leg raise with dip station

Lie on your back in the dip station and grabs the handle by pointing your forearms forward straight on padding. Hang your both leg straight and then lift them up towards the ceiling until thighs are parallel to the ground. Slowly lower your legs back down till they’re just above the floor. Hold for a moment then repeat.

Hanging Leg Raise

Hanging Leg Raise

Grabs the bar by planting your hands on shoulder level. Engage your core and slightly lift the body up for better performance. Now raise both legs together up until the thighs parallel to the ground. Pause and slowly lower it to starting position. Repeat.

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