A Beautiful Fat Loss Meal That Gets You Shredded Fast.

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Having a beautiful diet can lead you to lose fat and get ripped. You need to focus hard on your calories, macronutrient, and the timing of your meals.

A balanced diet for a couple of days may be easy, but it is more difficult when you ask for a couple of months. You need to have very hard courage to control unwanted or desirable food to eat.

Also, if you need to lose fat, you wanted to eat a limited surplus of calories or that amount of food that can diminish your hunger.

The scientifically proven fact of a balanced diet – states that if you eat fewer calories than you burn, you will easily lose weight. Alternate, if you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight.

So, as you want to lose fat, you need to be trickier about the consumption of calories.

Can you lose fat without tracking your calories? Maybe or maybe not. But every serious physique competitor in the world knows exactly what they put into their bodies, which includes:

1) Number of Calories
2) Macronutrient (Protein, carbs, and fat)
3) Timing of Calories.

So, if you are serious about your physique, you need to put some interest upon the below equation that helps you to figure out “how many calories and macronutrients did you want!”

The consumption of diet to get a shredded body for every gym-goer is different depending upon their weight. Based upon your weight, you need to focus on your meal having the required amount of carb, protein, and fat available. These macros play the main role to enhance your body shape. An increasing amount of protein and fewer carbs is the best formula for making a shredded and lean body.

Forgoing your meal plan, you have to know how much your body weight is. To understand you, let us take the example of Justin whose weight has 90kg (198lbs) and wants to shred.

Note:- Every person has a different weight and so have a different amount of calories they want to eat. The below equation is an example for you that can make you a sense “who would macros and calories be measured?”

Macro Individual weight Formula Protein consume / day
Protein198 lbs198 * 1g =198g
Carbs198 lbs198 – 10% =178.2g
Fat198 lbscarbs/444.5g
  • Protein:- Protein is the source of muscle building. Eat at least 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight, daily. If you intake low amount of protein for the thinking of calories, your body can be lose your muscle (it is not good thing). So, as maintaing your muscle and decreasing your fat, you should intake a adequate amount of protein. 1 gram of protein have 4 calories.
  • Carbs:- Carbs is the fuel that provide energy to muscles to perform work. As, you want to lose fat, you need to consume carbs in a modrate level that provide you enough energy for a day. To evaluate carbs, reduce your 10% of protein intake volume, it’s your carbs amount that you need to eat every day. 1 gram of carbs also have 4 calories.
  • Fat:- Fat makes your stomach full. As, you want to lose fat, your need to go away from bad fat. To calculate fat, divide your carbs by 4. 1 gram of fat have 9 calories.

Warning:- Every person needs different values of macros, don’t copy the table, make your own macro quantity with the help of the table. (I know, I repeated it a lot of times because it is the most doing mistake by an individual).

Diet Phase

There are two different diet plans that can give you an idea about how you can make a diet plan for a day. The below diet plan 1 is for how are non-vegetarian and the second one is for vegetarian individuals.

Diet Plan 1: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

The sample diet can be followed by an individual how has 90kg(198lbs) weight.

Diet Plan 2: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday


Diet is a very important part for every individual. Diet plays a key role in both muscle gaining and fat losing.

If you want to shred your fat, you need to consume lower calories than you burn. It is a very tricky and trusted basic theory.

One more statement showed that “if you consume food that only diminishes your hunger with workout, you can lose your fat.” But the calories-based theory is more trusted.

Every individual has a different weight. So, every person also has a different diet. If your weight is 70kg(154lbs), you can’t be able to remove your unwanted fat by copying another diet procedure like the above sample diet of 90kg(198lbs).

But the above sample meal, you can gain some idea about ”how much macros you need to eat.”

If you are serious about your body, you should follow this instruction and need to be measurement your macros and calories.

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