How To Do Double Crunch Exercise

Muscles Worked: Abdominal, hips, glutes.

double crunch

The Double crunch is the best exercise for your core muscles especially target your entire abdominal and hips flexor regions. To do the exercise, you need to tuck your bent knees and upper body toward your chest to touch them together and go back.

Double crunch is a variation of regular crunch exercise that only target to build your core muscles, which helps to improve your balance and posture.


  • The main ambition of double crunch is to strengthen your rectus abdominal muscles “six-pack.”
  • Working on abs, also work on your obliques and hip flexors.
  • Best for building your core, which enhances your balance and posture better.
  • Double Crunch also helps to reduce your lower back pain or injury.

How to do Double Crunch?

double crunch
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Step1: Lie back on your mat with bent knees and place your hands behind the head. Plants the knees to the close of your hips, and this is called your starting position.

Step2: Engage your core and lift your shoulders and upper back off the ground, simultaneously, tuck your knees toward your chest. Squeeze the core and come close the elbows and knees as much as possible.

Step3: Pause the movement and then return to starting position.

Step4: Repeat it.

Sets and Reps:-

Do 3 sets of 12-14 reps.


  • Raise your shoulders and upper back completely off of the ground, when you tuck to crunch.
  • Make sure your hands behind your head and try not to jam your chin down against your chest, too.

Bottom Line

Without using any equipment, double crunch is a perfect exercise to target your abdominal muscles. If your go for more changeling on it, go with 1 more set of failure, or don’t let your feet touch the ground for the entirety of your set.

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