How To Do Diamond Push-Up: Best Home Triceps Workout

Muscles Worked: Triceps, Chest
Level: Intermediate.

diamonds push up

Diamond Push-up or Triangle push-up is an advanced variation of the classic push-up that targets your triceps muscles and also a little bit of your upper body including chest, back, and shoulders muscles.

Triangle pushup actually not for beginners, starter may feel difficult to do. If you are a beginner, first you need to pro on classic pushup (minimum 20 reps). And for an advanced level, you can add some weight on your back.

To Practice, form a diamond shape in your hand to bring them close together on the ground below your chest. Extend your legs, planted on your toes to make a pushup position, make sure your back and legs are in a straight line.

Benefits of doing Diamond Push-up

  • The diamond push-up is one of the most effective bodyweight exercises that target your triceps muscles. The unique hand position strengthens to do other exercises that use your triceps, like the Straight Extension Cable and Close grip bench press.
  • Including your triceps, it also an effective pushup variation for your two more upper body muscle groups: Pecs and Deltoids. (Pecs=chest and Deltoids=Shoulders).
  • You can train your triceps anywhere at your home without using any weight or equipment.

How to do Diamond Push-up?

diamond pushup gif
  • Begin on all fours with your knees below the hips and hands below the shoulders level on the yoga mat.
  • Now bring and touch both hands thumb and index finger together to make a diamond shape below your chest.
  • Go to the classic pushup position by straightening your legs on toes to lift your knees off the ground. Your legs should be hip-width apart.
  • Squeeze your core, quads, and glutes. This is your starting position.
  • Now lower your body until your upper arms are alongside your ribcage. Pause for a beat at the bottom of the movement.
  • While maintaining your alignment, initiate the upward movement by squeezing your chest and straightening your elbows. Your shoulder blades should protract as you push to the top of the movement.
  • When you push your body up feel the pressure generate on your triceps and chest.
  • Repeat.

Sets and Reps: 3 Sets of 16 reps.


  • Make sure in the movement your back should be straight, don’t develop lumbar curves. The back and legs make a straight line.
  • Do the movement in a normal and controlled way, not too much faster and either slower.
  • Lower the body until the upper arms along your sides or chest touch your hands. Your elbows tuck toward the lower direction.

Variations of Diamond Push-up

Decline Diamond Push-up

Use a bench or chair to elevating your feet on it and take a position of diamond push-up by bringing your hands together. This variation puts special emphasis on your upper pec muscles.

Incline Diamond Push-up

Take a bench and plant your hands on the bench in close grip, extend your legs straight on your toes on the floor. This variation focuses lesser pressure on your arms while targeting your chest and core muscles.

Wall Diamond Push-up

Place your hands in a triangle shape against a wall that facing in front of you and start doing push-up. It is too much easy to do and putting less pressure on your shoulder joints.

Weighted Diamond Push-up

Do a Diamond push-up by putting a plate on your back. It’s a very complex and advanced method. It putting high pressure on your triceps instead of a regular Diamond push up.

Who made a Guinness World Record of Diamond Push-up?

Diamond Push-up: The record Holder of maximum reps is a Chinese man named Hong Zhongtoo who completed a total of 88.

What result of Diamond Push-up, if doing it every day?

Triceps<gwmw style=”display:none;”><gwmw style=”display:none;”>

Actually, when you make a closed hand’s position, it focuses on your triceps muscles in an effective way especially the lateral head. Also including your chest and the anterior deltoids muscles. The core and abs get blasted too that gives you a proper structure and strength.

Substitute of Diamond Push-up

Diamond Push up Alternatives

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