How To Do Single-Leg Deadlift Reach

Muscles Worked: Back, glutes, hamstrings, buttocks.
Level: Intermediate

deadlift reach

Deadlift with reach is the best stretching body exercise that targets your back, glutes, hamstrings, and buttocks.

The main reason to do this exercise is to flex your spine muscles that help to reduce your back pain and strain. While Romanian Deadlift with reach also strengthens your swimming posture.

Working with one leg also benefits to improve your balance, stability, and overall body posture. Raising the leg back is one of the pretty moves to build your booty better.

It works on your overall core muscles that improve your run, walk, and jump.

How to do Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift Reach?

deadlift with reach
  • By standing hips-width on feet apart, you need to stand on one leg with bent knees (the planted leg on the ground not be locked out).
  • Now by bending your hips reach your arms out in front of you and simultaneously extend the lifted leg back straight.
  • Pause for a couple of seconds and then return to the starting position. Then repeat on the other leg.
  • Repeat for 3 sets of 12 reps per side of the legs.


The good way of practice it, you have to stand in the front of the wall wider than your leg length. Here you can idea and aim to drop your body until you can just about touch the wall with your fingertip as you stretch out.

Keep your hips level constant, don’t let hips open at the back as you lean forward. When you start stretching try to make a straight line from heels to fingertip.

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