Chloe Ting Workout: 2 Weeks Shred Challenge

35-60 min per day
14 days program
Types: Abs, Weight loss, Full body..

Chloe Ting is a YouTube star and her workout has become so popular because so many of her followers are uploading their “Two-week shred” progress videos and programmes on Tiktok. Chloe Ting’s workout includes two weeks’ challenges to burn fat from all the areas of your body especially your tummy.

The training program of 2 weeks shows that what exercise and how much exercise you should do every day with how many sets. This shred workout really helps you to cut off the bad fat from your body. And you can easily notice before 14 days after applied Chloe ting workout.

2 Weeks Shred Workout.

Day 1

1. Reverse Crunch.

2. Jackknife

3. Russian Twists

4. Squats

5. Single leg Skater

6. Lateral Lunge

Day 2

1.Glute Bridge March

2. Reverse Lunge With Single-Arm Press

3. Tuck and Crunch

4. Back Extension

5. V-sit Obliques Crunch

6. Burpees

7.Double Jump

Day 3 shred body weightGlute bridge

2. to weight loss in 2 weeks Jumping Squats

3. walking lunges with weight Walking lunges with weight

4. donkey kickDonkey Kicks

5. Donkey Kicks Russian Twist

6. Plank

7. Scissor kick Scissor kick

Day 4

1. back extensionBack Extension

2. burpeesBurpees

3. Russian Twists

4. Squats

5. Single leg Skater

6. Lateral Lunge

Day 5

  1. jumping rope Jumping Rope

2. walking lunges with weight Lunges

3. Pyramid PlankPyramid Plank

4. Side Plank Side Plank

5. Crisscross Crisscross Crunch

6. Pilates Hundred Pilates Hundred

7. Reclined Obliques TwistReclined Obliques Twist

Day 6

1. Side Leg LiftsSide Leg Lifts

2. gluteGlutes Bridge

3. Sumo Walk

4. donkey kickDonkey Lift

5. Heel tap Heel Tap

6. mountain climberMountain Climber

7. Standing Core StabilizerStanding Core Stabilizer

Day 7


Day 8

1. burpeesBurpees

2. Side PlankSide Plank

3. leg raise with weightWeighted Leg Raise

4. Russian Twist

5. tuck n crunchTuck and Crunch

6. reverse crunchReverse Crunch

Day 9

1. jumping ropeJumping Rope

2. lateral lungeLateral Lunges

3. Leg Raise SkaterLeg Raise Skater

4. gluteGlute Bridge March

5. donkey kickDonkey Kick

6. CrisscrossCrisscross Crunch

7. Heel tapHeel Tap

Day 10

1. How to do Jumping Jacks - ArrdosJumping Jack

2. burpeesBurpees

3. double jumpDouble Jump

4. single legged v sitV-sit Obliques Crunch

5. plankTraditional Plank

6. Plank Side CrunchSide Plank with Crunch

Day 11


Day 12

1. Pike Roll-outPike Roll-out

2. squatsSquats

3. walking lunges with weightLunges

4. Pull ups

5. leg raiseLeg Raise

6. Cross Body Mountain ClimberTwisting Mountain Climber

Day 13

1. Standing Side CrunchStanding Side Crunch

2. bicycle crunchBicycle Crunches

3. bird dogBird Dog

4. hollow hold to jackknifeJackknife

5. russian twistRussian Twists

6. Push-ups

Day 14

1. squatsSquats

2. gluteGlute bridge

3. walking lunges with weightWalking Lunges with weight

4. ClamshellClamshell

5. donkey kickDonkey kicks

Do every exercise with 3 sets of 14 to 16 repetitions and if possible go the last set on failure. Take 40 seconds of rest on each set.

Rest 60 seconds to another exercise.

Chloe Ting Personal Details

  • Chloe Ting Height: 5 feet and 2 inches
  • Chloe Ting Age: 34 years
  • Chloe Ting Weight: 52 kg
  • Chloe Ting Net Worth: $2 Million
  • Chloe Ting Instagram Id: @Chloe_t

Chloe Ting Before and After Workout

Chloe Ting Before workout body
Chloe Ting Before Workout Body


chloe ting After workout
Chloe Ting After Workout Body

The Chloe Ting Workout is really helpful to cut off your fat. It is a 2-week shred challenge schedule, that works on your abs, glutes, booty, arms, legs, and other muscles, so grab a pen and write all the workouts on your calendar in a day-by-day schedule. Between the workout days, you easily analysis its work on your body.

Chloe Ting’s flat tummy challenge very easy and home workout without using any types of equipment. The reason to go on trend is its results. Every month 500k people s searched on google.

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