How To Do Perfect Burpees and Its Benefits

Level: Advanced.

Sets: 3 sets with 20 Burpees.


Overview Burpees

Burpees are an advanced level of cardio workout that boosts your fitness and burns unwelcome fat from your body. It is so popular for pumping your heart rate and reduces so many diseases.

Burpees exercise is the best for core strengthening and overall body, the five-step of exercise can develop major muscle groups on your body.

By doing the number of time, this bodyweight exercise build strength and endurance, while burning calories, and boosting your cardio fitness.

Benefits of Burpees

  • It is the best movement to burn calories in your body.
  • It boosts cardio fitness and burns fat.
  • It offers a full-body workout.
  • Stronger heart and lunges.
  • Improved blood flow.
  • Improved cholesterol levels.
  • Lower risk of heart disease and diabetes.
  • Improved your running pace.

How to do Burpees?

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart and engage your core.
  • Jump up by extending your arms up straight along with the ears.
  • Then immediately drop your hands to the floor and shoot your feet back, so you can form a high plank position.
  • Now do a push-up by engaging your core muscle.
  • Quickly jump to feet back to hands without any pause, stand, and jump again in a powerful motion. This is your one Burpees.

Pro Tips for Burpees

  • Pick a Pace: Don’t stop on a rep, maintain a proper pace for the number of reps you have to do.
  • Feet go before hands: Throw your legs back before your hands plant the ground.
  • Go failure: Don’t think how many burpees you need to do, go for maximum reps as possible you can.
  • Breath: Breath as much as you can, try to get into a rhythm with your breathing.
  • Common fault: Don’t arch your back. Touch your chest to the floor when you are doing push-ups. Keep your full range of motion in every rep.

Which muscles worked by doing Burpees?

Burpees is a full-body workout without the use of any equipment, the muscle targets are unlimited but below are the main or primary muscle that shows greater efficiency to do and work:-

Variation of Burpee

Burpee box jump

Burpees box jump
  • Put a medium-size (easy to jump) box in the front of you and stand with hip-width.
  • Now drop down to the floor for a pushup, by placing your hands on the box and feet on the floor.
  • Then, at the same pace jump into the air to stand, again jump up on the box instead.
  • Land gently on the floor, with your bended knees, and move straight into the next repetition.

Burpees with a Bosu ball

Burpees with basu ball
  • Stand in a squat position with Bosu ball with planting your both hands on its outer edge.
  • Do a push-up by placing the Bosu ball directly beneath you instead.
  • Jump up and instead lift the Bosu ball above your head as stand straight up.
  • Again Lower it to the floor for pushup and repeat.

Burpee with dumbbells

Burpee with dumbbells
  • Start in a squat position holding a 5-pound dumbbell in each hand.
  • Lower yourself to the ground and do a push-up with the dumbbell beneath your shoulders.
  • Rapidly jump up, stand and return to the starting position.
  • For more challenges, you can jump with dumbbells after when you do a push-up and go to starting position.


Burpee is a compound exercise that requires so much effort to do, but its result allows every person to do it. It builds your strength, endurance, cardio fitness, and achieves your other fitness goals.

If you’re performing a single burpee every three seconds, you can target to complete roughly 20 burpees per minute, that 1 set completed. Do 3 sets with 20 burpees or go failure.


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