How to Do Bulgarian Split Squat

Muscles Target: Quadriceps, Glutes, Hamstring, Calves, Abdominals, Spinal erectors.
Level: Intermediate
Equipment Needed: Bench or sturdy chair.

bulgarian split squats

Bulgarian split is also known as split squat where you put your one leg back elevated on a bench or sturdy chair.

It is a variation of the single-leg squat, place a greater focus on your front leg rather than squats and lunges. It targets your muscles like Quads, Glutes, Spinal erectors, abdominals, hamstrings, and calves.

Bulgarian split squat emphasizes calves and hamstring in a greater way that increases the level of the lower body muscles, which helps to build balance.


  • Bulgarian split squat is an effective exercise for your lower body, including your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves.
  • It builds your core muscles that improve your overall body posture and balance.
  • A traditional squat puts a load on your lower back – potentially causing injury – but the Bulgarian split squat removes the lower back movement, puts all pressure on the legs.
  • The best exercise for jumping, running, stretching, and athletes.

How to do Bulgarian Split Squat?

Bulgarian split squat
  • Place a sturdy bench or chair on the backside of you. Look forward, opposite the side of the placed bench.
  • Now raise your right foot back and place it on the bench, stand shoulder-width apart.
  • Your back leg is for your support so plant the back foot as you can easily do lunges to target the front leg. ( Tip: Make sure your back foot toes aligned with back or bent knee).
  • Inhale and drop down your lower body slowly by bending your front knee until your right thigh roughly parallel to the ground.
  • Exhale and come back to the starting position by pushing through your front foot.
  • Repeat until your front leg reps are complete.
  • Step your right foot off the bench after completing a full set and switch the left leg.


Bulgarian Split Squat with Barbell

Bulgarian Split Squat with Barbell

Take the same position of placing one foot behind you. The additional thing is to load a barbell on your traps and shoulders by the grip of both hands.

Bulgarian Split Squat with Dumbbell/Kettlebell

Bulgarian Split Squat with dumbbell

Grabs a dumbbell or kettlebell on each hand and do a Bulgarian Split squat.

Bulgarian Split Squat with Medicine Ball

Bulgarian Split Squat with medicine ball

Do Bulgarian Split Squat by putting the medicine ball behind you instead of Bench or chair.

Bulgarian Split Squat with Smith Machine

Bulgarian Split Squat with smith machine

Place a bar at shoulder height, and grip it overhead wider than shoulder width. Take a position and unhook the bar, now lower your body to squat with one leg.

Bulgarian Split Squat with Smith machine is easier than other variations and it checks the strength of your lower body.

Bulgarian Split Squat with Resistance Band

Bulgarian Split Squat with resistance banded

Make the same position of the original Bulgarian split squat by placing one handle of resistance band underneath your front foot and one on hand by the bent elbow and hold the handle up at your shoulder- level. Squat down in a controlled way with the band handles.

Bulgarian Split Squat Vs Single Leg-Squat

Both Bulgarian splits squat and single-leg squat is the best and effective exercise that targets your legs and core muscles.

In a single-leg squat, you are targeting both legs that come out in front of you. In a Bulgarian split squat, you are focusing on one leg by putting another on bench.

A Bulgarian split squat also allows you to reach greater depth than a single-leg squat, requiring flexibility in your hips.

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