How to Perform Box Jumps in the Perfect Way

Muscle Targets: Quadriceps, Glutes, Hamstrings, Calves, Core.
Level: Advanced.
Equipment: Box or sturdy bench.

box jumps

Box jumps are an excellent way to develop your lower body that gives you more power to jump, legs strength, and generally improves athletic performance.

This exercise is a plyometric move that builds your main lower-body muscles including – glutes, quads, calves, and hamstrings.

By doing box jumps, you achieve the benefits of a lot like increasing your pace, stamina, develop vertical jump in height, and burn calories to lose fat from your overall body.

Benefits of Box Jumps

  • The box jumps are the perfect movement to targets the muscle groups of the lower body including glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves.
  • To work all the leg muscles improves more power and strength on legs.
  • It is also the best jump to hit your core muscles and enhance posture.
  • One of the great CrossFit exercises for athletes activity like basketball, football, and volleyball. It can improve athletic performance with the proper application of box jumps to a workout routine.
  • Box jumps require a lot of energy it means, it is the best move to burn calories and reduce fat.

How to do Box Jumps?

Box jumps
  • Stand at your feet with shoulder-width apart in the front of the box. Stand with one short step gap between you and the box (stand like you can easily jump on it).
  • Lower the body by bending your knees and bringing your arms out behind you. Dropdown your upper body with your knees and bend it slightly, not make thighs parallel to the floor.
  • Now generate pressure from your feet and jump up by extending shins and allowing your arms to swing out in front of you in the air.
  • Land gently on the box with slightly bent knees.
  • Go backward down and repeat.

Common mistake to avoid

  • Not take a box too high, it causing injury. The perfect box to do box jumps is below the level of your knees. So, take a box that should be lower than your knees.
  • While when you jump up, straight your legs in the air and swing your both hands forward. Then land gently on the box with bent knees.
  • Make a soft landing on the whole foot, when you jump up on a box and landing on the floor backward.
  • Don’t lower your body to fully squat, make a slightly squat with slightly knees out to key to a proper box jump landing.
  • Don’t come with lumbar curves to avoid injury.

Variations of Box Jumps

Weighted Box Jump

Use a weighted vest if you have, while holding a lightweight kettlebell or dumbbell, then perform the exercise same as upper techniques. Don’t use heavyweight, do with lightweight.

One-leg Box Jump

Jump through the land with two legs and land on a box with one leg by another one-off on it. Land back with both feet. Repeat on the other leg.

Seated Box Jump

seated box jump

Position same as original position but add a bench in the back of you to sit. Make an arrangement like as you can easily jump and sit.

Take a position of legs shoulder-width apart. Sit on the bench and then push through heels to jump on the box. Come back and sit on the bench. Repeat.

Rotational Box Jump

rotational box jump

Stand on the body side in the front of the box, now jump by bent knees and with heels. Turn your body on the box as you do the same as the original box jump.

Well done, now come back and turn your back to original position. Repeat.

Bottom line

Great! you completed the article with the meaningful exercise but do it properly to enhance a greatful strength and explosive power on legs. You need to do 3 sets of 12 to 8 reps. If you want to more advanced to go, then do 3 sets of failure.

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