3 Best L-Arginine Supplements in India (2023).

L-arginine is an amino acid that the body uses to create proteins. It’s also a precursor to nitric oxide, a vasodilator that helps improve blood flow. Because of this, it’s been suggested that taking L-arginine supplements may improve exercise performance.

In other words, we can say that l-arginine is an essential or conditionally semi-essential amino acid.

Amino acids are the foundation that creates a protein, which is an essential source of energy for building muscle. Amino has three categories:-

  • Nonessential amino acid.
  • Essential amino acid.
  • Conditionally essential amino acid.

There are two types of amino acids: essential and nonessential. Essential amino acids must be obtained through diet, while the body can produce nonessential amino acids on its own. However, both types of amino acids are important for maintaining proper health.

L-arginine is the essential or semi-essential amino acid for some conditions. Semi-essential amino acids are mostly consumed under specific conditions such as illness, pregnancy

And, it is scientifically proven that l-arginine is essential and conditionally essential for bodybuilders.

Benefits after using L-Arginine:

L-arginine has two effects: it turns into nitric oxide and helps the body build protein.

These effects give L-arginine an array of potential benefits, including:-

  • supporting heart health
  • reducing chest pain
  • helping build muscles
  • repairing wounds
  • improving male fertility

Best L-Arginine Bodybuilding Supplement

Not going to the list and you want a quick analysis of which is the best l-arginine supplement in the fitness industry then – There are many different brands and types of l-arginine supplements available, so it’s important to choose one that is high quality and backed by science. I recommend the best l arginine supplement from Bigmuscles Nutrition L-Arginine PMP Powder for Adults. This supplement is made with pure ingredients and also contains citric acid with arginine which has been shown to be effective for bodybuilders as a pre-workout.

1. Bigmuscles Nutrition L-Arginine PMP Powder for Adults

best l-arginine supplement powder

Bigmuscles Nutrition L-Arginine is a trusted name in supplement India and a preferred brand among many healthcare professionals.

One scoop of Big muscle provides 3g of L-arginine per serving in 1.8g of l-arginine nitrate and 1.1g of pure l-arginine supplementation.

Big Muscle L-arginine also included other important ingredients that as citric and malic acid. It increases muscle pumps, vascularity, and muscle hardness, and stimulates the release of hormone growth.

Big Muscle L-Arginine is the best option to enhance athletic performance and aids to increase lean mass.

It is vegetarian and is free of corn, sugar, shellfish, peanuts, binders, coatings, colorings, artificial sweeteners, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, and preservatives

Direction Of Use: As a dietary supplement, consume a serving (1 scoop- 3000mg) 15 minutes to exercise On non-training days, Consume 1 serving between meals.

  • Vegetarian supplementation.
  • Only L-arginine included
  • Increases muscle pumps, vascularity
  • 6 different flavor
  • Promote pump
  • third-party tested
  • Good Price
  • Nothing.

2. Carbamide Forte L Arginine Powder

hcl l-arginine powder

Carbamide Forte L Arginine Supplement gives TRIPLE L ARGININE as compared to other capsules or pills of l-arginine to help you max out your workouts.

Carbamide contains 30 scoops of serving and each scoop of Carbamide l-arginine powder provides 3g of arginine HCL and beetroot powder. The 3000mg l-arginine powder is designed to enhance N.O. levels that may aid in blood flow to the organs & muscles leading to greater muscle gains, pump, energy & vascularity.

It easily mixes into a glass of cold water making it very easy to incorporate into your workout routine. 

Direction Of Use: As a dietary supplement, consume a serving (1 scoop- 3000mg) 15 minutes to exercise On non-training days, Consume 1 serving between meals.

  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Pure and lab tested.
  • GMO-free
  • Good Taste
  • Easy to mix
  • One flavor

3. MuscleBlaze L-Arginine Capsules

best L-Arginine Capsules

MuscleBlaze L-Arginine gives 500 mg of arginine per capsule which boosts the production of nitric oxide in the body for the max pump.

With zero added sugar, this bodybuilding supplement gives your muscles guilt-free and sugar-free nutrition to grow bigger and stronger muscles.

This product is protected by Transparency, which verifies a unit’s authenticity and enables you to view rich information about the product you purchased.

One bottle of MuscleBlaze l-arginine contains 45 serving capsule and each capsule provide 500mg of l-arginine. For optimal results take 2 capsules a day.

  • Label transparency
  • Zero sugar
  • Include Creatine
  • Include Citrulline malate
  • Lower dosage of l-arginine
  • Expensive

Benefits of L-Arginine

L-arginine has two effects: it turns into nitric oxide and helps the body build protein.

These effects give L-arginine an array of potential benefits, including:

  • supporting heart health
  • reducing chest pain
  • helping build muscles
  • repairing wounds
  • improving male fertility

Although there are many claims about the benefits of L-arginine, not all of them have support from scientific studies.

Examples of benefits and uses of L-arginine from scientific research include the following:

  • Growth hormone reserve test: L-arginine is a common ingredient in healthcare tests used to stimulate the pituitary gland. These tests can help determine if children are producing sufficient levels of growth hormone.
  • Reducing high blood pressure: A 2021 meta-analysis suggests L-arginine can help reduce high blood pressure.
  • Correcting hereditary disorders of urea synthesis: Arginine is an amino acid that the body uses in the urea cycle to create urea, a substance found in urine. If a person has a hereditary disorder, taking arginine may help to correct it.
  • Treating erectile dysfunction: A 2017 study found that there may be a link between low levels of L-arginine and erectile dysfunction (ED). The researchers hypothesized that this may be due, in part, to narrowed blood vessels. People often use L-arginine supplementation, sometimes with other treatments such as sildenafil (Viagra), to treat ED.
  • Reducing type 2 diabetes risk: Because L-arginine can help lower blood sugar, it may help control blood sugar in people with diabetes. A 2018 study found that taking L-arginine may reduce the risk or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes.
  • Treating peripheral arterial disease: Because of L-arginine’s effects in widening blood vessels, it may help those with peripheral arterial disease.
  • Treating pregnancy complications: L-arginine may help treat pregnancy complications, including preeclampsia, gestational hypertension, or high blood pressure.
  • Improving athletic performance: The results of a 2020 study suggest that L-arginine supplements may have a positive effect on aerobic and anaerobic exercise performance.

How We Decided These Best L-Arginine Supplements

L-Arginine is an amino acid that has the potential to create nitric oxide and improve blood flow in the body. Because of these potential benefits, it is always wise to consult with a medical professional before adding any new supplement to your daily routine. However, if you have decided to start taking L-Arginine, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

1. Serving size and ingredients: It’s important to focus on a supplement’s serving size and ingredients when you’re looking for a new one. We only pick products that have a 100% label transparency guarantee so you know exactly what you’re getting with each scoop.

2. Price is another important factor to consider. Not only the cost of the product but also the overall value in terms of the number of ingredients and servings. And of course, user feedback is key in determining which pre-workout supplement is right for you.

3. Third-Party-Tested: Finally, safety is always a top priority. A great way to make sure a pre-workout supplement is safe for consumption is if it has been third-party tested. This certification ensures that the product is legitimate and safe.

Side Effects of l-arginine

Side effects are possible with l-arginine treatment and could include:

  • Bloating.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Dizziness.
  • Nausea or vomiting.

What foods contain l-arginine?

Foods that are high in protein naturally contain l-arginine including:

  • Meat (red meat, chicken, turkey).
  • Fish (salmon, haddock).
  • Nuts and seeds (almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds).
  • Legumes (soybeans, chickpeas).
  • Whole grains (brown rice, oats).
  • Dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese).

What is the best time to take l arginine?

L-arginine is best taken 3 times throughout the day, with doses falling between 2-6 grams. The recommended times to take it are in the morning and one each before and after working out. Taking L-arginine before working out will help increase blood flow and as a result, your energy.

Does L-arginine help with male enhancement?

Some research has indicated that L-arginine may improve ED symptoms at certain doses. For example, a 2022 study of 98 men with ED found that 6 grams per day for 3 months led to significantly improved erectile function in patients with mild to moderate ED.

Before taking any L-arginine supplement for ED, discuss it with your doctor. L-arginine has the potential to interact with many medications, including those used to treat ED, such as Viagra.

How long does it take for l arginine to work

Depending on your reason for taking l-arginine and which type of amino acid you need, it takes a minimum of 24 hours for the l-arginine to absorb into your body.

Arginine will absorb into your tissues relatively quickly. However, you may need to take arginine multiple times over a period of several days in order to start experiencing its full benefits.

When to take l arginine bodybuilding

Although research and clinical settings may use higher doses of L-arginine, it’s generally recommended to keep daily consumption under 9 grams in order to avoid potential gastrointestinal side effects, such as nausea, diarrhea, and bloating.

When taking L-arginine as a supplement, it’s recommended to do so between meals for maximum absorption – as is the case with other single amino acids.

The Bottom Line

L-arginine is an amino acid that the body uses to create nitric oxide. This, in turn, helps with circulation and blood flow. So, you’ll often see it as an ingredient in pre-workout and male enhancement supplements.

Pregnant women, infants, and people who are critically ill or injured may need more arginine than their bodies can produce. So, if you’re thinking about taking a supplement, it’s important to talk to your healthcare professional first.

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