6 Best Handheld Gun Deep Tissue Massager for Athletes – 2023.

If you are looking for the best muscle massager gun? You’re in the right place as we’ve rounded up our 6 top picks handheld massagers so you can sit back and relax.

best handheld gun massager

Muscle tightness and soreness are very frustrating after high-intensity training exercises or daily living activities. And it’s not affordable for regular body massages that can help alleviate the pain. It is time-consuming also.

So, if you afford a one-time charge then thankfully, there are other ways to give yourself some relief, like using a foam roller or tennis ball. Or, if you prefer, you can use a handheld deep tissue massager.

Now you have the question, ‘what is a gun handheld massager, and how does gun massager work‘ relax we are here.

This best muscle percussion massager gun is a portable gun massage tool that uses vibration to effectively works on reducing muscular pain, soreness, stiffness, and more. It is just like a mini hammer, repeatedly impacting the soft tissue, causing blood flow to increase in that area.

The Best Deep Tissue Massage Gun to Buy Now.

If you’re looking for relief from chronic tightness in your shoulders, chest, bicep, back, or quads, try using one of the handheld deep tissue massagers below. These top-rated devices can help improve your range of motion and reduce pain.

best massage gun for muscle soreness

Athletes at all levels of expertise have turned to Opove’s handheld deep-tissue massage guns because they’re easy to use and get results.

Opove M3 Pro had sold more than 500,000 units all over the world since its launch. It has been widely praised by customers. The M3 Pro 2 massage gun has a better performance at a favorable price.

Opove M3 Massage muscle gun is a sturdy durable device made from good quality material – it’s not cheap plastic, and it feels rubberized end-to-end, making it nice to touch.

The brand’s new top-of-the-line model is specially designed with 15mm of massage amplitude, five-speed settings max 2500 RPM, a four-hour battery life, and five applicator heads.

The M3 Pro comes with 6 nicely varied attachments that are ball, flat, spinal, cone, shovel, and cushion head. All these different attachments work well on different muscle groups.

Noise: 55 dB(Quiet) | Max RPM: 2500 | Weight: 2.2 Pounds | Features: Brushless motor, 5 speeds level, 6 attachment heads

  • Good amplitude
  • Good stall force
  • Very quiet
  • Great attachments
  • High-quality feel
  • Very affordable
  • Relatively low max.
  • percussions so-so ergonomics
best massage gun for bodybuilder

Vybe massage guns are well-known for good quality, solid performance, and price low enough so that they can compete with the best muscle recovery massage gun brands out there.

Included in the package would of course be your Vybe Pro massage gun, one sleek & sturdy travel case, and 8 massage heads that are interchangeable and super-therapeutic.

The sturdy travel case makes sure that you can take your massage gun anywhere and relieve yourself from muscle soreness and pain anytime.

The multiple massage heads will make sure to target multiple muscle groups in your body for the best results. It is the best sports gun massager.

With 9 different speed settings (3200 percussions per minute) and 8 attachments at your disposal, the back massagers allow you to dig deep or go lighter on target areas.

Noise: 60 dB(Quiet) | Max RPM: 3200 | Weight: 4.19 Pounds | Features: Brushless motor, 9 speeds level, 8 attachment heads

  • Wide percussion range
  • 9 adjustable speeds
  • 8 heads adjustment
  • Could be lighter

3. Ekrin Bantam: Best Mini Massage Gun 

Best Mini Massage Gun

The Bantam is a gorgeous mini percussion massager with an impressive build. Ekrin chose to stay true to their usual quality here.

It is a great quality material with high-end matte plastic and is nicely colored. It feels sturdy and obviously durable.

The Bantam has four (ball, fork, flat, and bullet) attachments that look really nicely built (top quality). This impressed us because some mini-guns don’t provide options just like Batnam gives.

With 3 speeds ranging from 2000 – 3200 RPM, the BANTAM gives a wide range of power to provide deep tissue massage or delicate treatment. Customize usage with 4 attachments designed for the perfect percussive body massage.

The Bantam has a stroke length is 10mm, to be fair though, 10mm is a bit on the lower end of things if you are looking for deep muscle penetration. Unless the motor is impressively strong.

But don’t worry it’s enough number for to get a deep enough massage to relax, get the blood moving well within the muscles, get to the sore muscle and smooth them out, and also get rid of lactic acid build-up after a workout.

Noise: Not listed | Max RPM: 3200 | Weight: 1.1 Pounds | Features: Brushless motor, 3 speeds level, 4 attachment heads

  • Amazing grip
  • Easy to handle
  • It can reduce lactic acid at the gym because of its size; easy to carry
  • 3-6 hours battery life
  • Ultralight weight
  • 3 speeds ranging from 2000 – 3200 RPM
  • The small size of Amplitude
  • No screen where speed can analysis
  • The noise level progresses with the speed level
Best Handheld Electric Massage Gun

The Elite is an impressive device to behold. It’s not all matte black like its Prime sibling. It’s glossy piano-black to the sides and the arm, which makes it look stylish and elegant.

With 5 attachments and 5 speeds increment option, your device has the power to massage any area like a pro. It is the best muscle gun massager for runners.

Theragun has a dedicated app that works with your device, the app connects with the device via Bluetooth. It is the best handheld cordless massager gun for gym folks.

You can also easily customize the intensity within the app. There’s a slider that you can slide either to the left or to the right to reduce or increase the intensity respectively.

Noise: 40 dB | Max RPM: 3200 | Weight: 2.2 Pounds | Features: Motor w/ Quietforce, 5 speeds, 5 attachment heads, Bluetooth connection

  • Multiple grips option
  • Great stroke length
  • Adequate stall pressure
  • Ergonomy
  • Fantastically easy to use
  • Relieves deep tension and soreness
  • Bluetooth option
  • Quite expensive
  • Low time on battery
  • Still too loud
  • Fingerprint magnet
Renpho Powerful Portable Massage Gun

Renpho portable massage gun comes with five interchangeable heads, each one designed to target a specific group of muscles or tension points. But this device isn’t just versatile, it’s powerful too.

The massager is equipped with a long-lasting 2500mAh battery and features five speeds, from 1,800 to 3,200 rpm are provided for different muscle groups, aiding in sore muscle massage, relaxation, and shaping different muscle parts.

This deep tissue percussion muscle massager gun can be charged by USB(type-c) with a 5v/2a adapter(Not included), and can be charged by a power bank too.

Noise: 45 dB | Max RPM: 3200 | Weight: 1.5 pounds | Features: Brushless motor, five speeds, five heads, auto-shutoff

  • Small, compact size
  • Lightweight
  • Good ergonomics
  • Light stall pressure
  • Small stroke length
Best Percussion Muscle Massage Gun for Athletes

Dacorm massage gun comes with a lithium battery that will last from 8-15 hours of massage use on a single charge, so it’s great for the gym.

Dacorm massage gun provides 8 different massage heads attachment with 7-speed levels that effectively relieve muscle soreness from the different body parts.

It has seven speeds, allowing you to pick the exact level of intensity you need, and the battery can last anywhere between eight and 15 hours on a single charge. It’s extremely quiet, at less than 40 decibels, and weighs just two pounds, so you can bring it anywhere on the go.

Noise: 40 dB | Max RPM: 3200 | Weight: 3.92 Pounds | Features: Brushless silent motor, seven speeds, 8 attachment heads, auto-shutoff

  • 7-speed levels
  • 12 massage heads
  • 3300mAh Lithium battery
  • Auto stop feature after 10 minutes continuously run
  • Lightweight design
  • Extremely quiet
  • Affordable
  • Nothing

How to choose the best handheld massage gun

Not sure which handheld massager is right for you? With all the different models and features on the market, it can be tough to decide. To help you make your decision, we’ve compiled a list of features for you to consider when purchasing a handheld massager:

I. Intensity

Massage gun intensity is measured through percussions (vibration) per minute and the size of amplitude. The higher number of both the more pressure of massage feel. The higher the massage pressure you feel the more quickly you recover from muscle tenderness or soreness.

Most massage guns can range anywhere from 1,800–3,200 percussions per minute. Amplitudes usually range from 9mm to 16mm, with 16mm giving you the deepest massage.

ii. Attachments

Attachments are also an important part to see when you purchase a handheld gun massage, the different head attachments of gun handheld massage are capable to reduce the soreness of different body parts.

For example, the standard ball attachment is a general-use attachment; a bullet head can target large, tight muscles; and a flat attachment is best for small muscle groups.

iii. Power

There are a few things to consider when choosing between a plug-in device or a battery-operated one for your massage needs. If you choose battery-powered, then this means you can move around more freely mid-massage, though you will need to remember to charge or replace the batteries. And for gym goers, it is the best option to buy a battery-operated gun massager that lasts a minimum of 6 hours.

With these things, we have chosen the best top 6 handheld massage device guns.


Why bodybuilder use gun massagers?

Bodybuilders use gun massagers to help alleviate muscle soreness and tension, improve range of motion, and enhance recovery after workouts. The intense vibration and pressure of the massager can help to increase blood flow to the muscles, which can aid in reducing inflammation and promoting healing.

What are the benefits associated with using a gun massager after a workout?

Using a gun massager after a workout can provide a number of benefits, including:

  1. Reduced muscle soreness and tension: The intense vibration and pressure of the massager can help to alleviate soreness and tension in the muscles.
  2. Improved circulation: the massager can improve blood flow and oxygenation to the muscles, which can aid in recovery and overall muscle health.
  3. Enhanced recovery: Increased blood flow to the muscles can help to reduce inflammation and promote healing, allowing the body to recover more quickly after a workout.
  4. Increased muscle performance: By releasing muscle tension, a gun massager can help to improve muscle performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Is professional massager gun helps to build muscle growth?

Using a professional massager gun may help to improve muscle recovery and growth, but it is not a direct cause of muscle growth. Muscle growth is primarily a result of progressive resistance training, adequate nutrition, and sufficient rest. A professional massager gun can help to enhance recovery by increasing blood flow to the muscles and breaking up knots and trigger points, which can help to reduce soreness and inflammation and improve the range of motion.

Is a percussion massager gun built to sculpt the body?

A percussion massager gun is not specifically designed to sculpt the body. Sculpting the body is primarily achieved through progressive resistance training, adequate nutrition, and sufficient rest. A percussion massager gun can aid in muscle recovery and improve muscle health by increasing blood flow to the muscles, breaking up knots and trigger points, and reducing soreness and inflammation.

The vibration and pressure of the massager can also help to improve the range of motion, but it is not a replacement for a well-designed workout routine.

How do massage guns work?

Massage guns use percussion to vibrate your muscles and help relax them. Percussion is the number of vibrations per minute, and this can help to desensitize sensitive tissue, facilitate the fluid exchange to promote healing and create a therapeutic healing response in the soft tissue of the body.

Who should use a massage gun?

Massage guns are a popular tool in the fitness industry. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts use them before and after working out, on rest days, and when they feel muscle pain.

Some people like to use a massage gun to warm up, help with recovery after a workout, relieving muscle aches, soreness and pain. and promote circulation to a specific area before their workout.

How does massage help sore muscles?

Massage guns continuously vibrate the target area of muscle which benefits from increased blood circulation. Increases the amount of blood to that particular muscle, and increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients.

An increase in oxygen and nutrients helps repair fibers, and decrease inflammation and pain. Massage can also reduce muscle tightness caused by DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

How to use a massage gun?

To use a massage gun, follow these steps:

  1. Charge the massage gun if necessary.
  2. Choose an attachment head based on your target area and the type of massage you want to perform.
  3. Adjust the speed/intensity to your desired level.
  4. Apply the massage gun to the target area, moving it in a circular or back-and-forth motion for 30 seconds to a minute.
  5. Repeat on other areas as needed.

Note: It’s important to start at a low intensity and gradually increase as you become more comfortable with the device. It’s also important to avoid applying the massage gun directly to bony areas, such as the spine, and to avoid using it for an extended period of time in one area.

What are the disadvantages of a massage gun?

There is no disadvantage to a massage gun if you do it properly and safely. But exceeding of limit can cause side effects.

Hitting an area for too long with a massage gun can result in bruising, soreness, or increased tightness. A little bit of the massage gun can reduce inflammation, but too much can actually make it worse. If used incorrectly, the massage gun can cause you to tighten up excessively.

Is it OK to use a massage gun every day?

Yes, you can use a massage gun every day when you feel muscle soreness or tightness and after an intense workout to reduce lactic acid.

Are vibrating gun massagers good for you?

Vibrating massagers gun are worth it for you if you are a bodybuilder or tired of having muscle pain in the body. The vibrating massagers gun vibrates the muscle continuously that provide blood circulation to that area. The circulation of blood help to relieve pain or lactic acid very quickly.

What are the benefits of massage guns?

Some benefits of a massage gun may include:

  • muscle and tissue relaxation
  • temporary relief of tension
  • prevention of DOMS
  • increase in blood flow and circulation
  • increase in flexibility and athletic performance

Those who exercise regularly, especially those who experience DOMS, may benefit from frequent massage gun use.

The bottom line

I hope you enjoy the article, ‘top 6 best handheld massage gun’. These massage guns really help out in your daily life and at the gym.

If you’re looking for relief from chronic tightness in your shoulders, chest, bicep, back, or quads, try using one of the handheld deep tissue massagers below. These top-rated devices can help improve your range of motion and reduce pain.

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