10 Advanced Abs Exercise to Build Six Pack in Just One Month.

“Select 3 or 4 ab exercises and do 3 sets of 20-12 reps of every exercise on ab day or cardio day or after a workout.”

Muscles Target: Abs, Transverse Abdominal, Obliques

10 best abs exercise

Are you exhausted to do the routine of simple abs workouts?

If you continue the article, I think ”Yes”. Wishing for an advanced level of abs exercise benefits you burn more fat, build more muscle or shape, and make more love to the overall body.

To start an advanced abs workout, firstly you need to do easy core muscles exercise to warm up the abdominal muscles. You can do plank exercise. The plank provides a simple and effective core warm-up that activates all major ab muscles.

The below ten advanced exercises are a very tough and compound exercises, that really not for the beginner or intermediate gym person.

1. Dumbbell Leg Raise

ab exercise with dumbell

Lie down on your back by planting your hand’s side of the body on the floor. Now put a dumbbell on your feet and raise it up at the hip- level. Now lower it very slowly with feeling pressure. Do not touch the floor or drop the dumbbell on the floor, in a slight gap repeat it up.


  • The above exercises are a compound exercise that includes two or three moves. In all moves, you have not wanted to pause continued movement in the same momentum.
  • Engage your core muscle and exercise in a controlled way.
  • Do 8-12 reps in each set with 3 sets. Rest = 60 seconds.

2. Cross Crunch

best ab exercise

Cross crunches are a bodyweight ab exercise that helps build core muscles and tone your oblique muscles.

To do them, place your hands in front of your head and lift the upper portion of your torso using only your stomach muscles. Many people use these belly fat exercises exclusively, but by adding a few more exercises to your routine, you’ll get more out of your workout.

3. Weighted Russian Twist

russian twist

Grabs the dumbbell or medicine ball in your hands at the front of your chest. Sit up straight on the floor, hinge at the hips to bring your torso and feet off the ground simultaneously.

Keeping your arms a few inches away from your chest, rotate your torso to the right and pause to squeeze your right oblique muscles. Then turn to the left and pause to squeeze your left oblique muscles.

4. Cable Crunch

It is the best cable ab exercise that creates extreme pressure when you try it.

best cable ab exercise

If you want to build up your abs, you need to challenge them with a load. This means that bodyweight-only workouts won’t cut it if you’re looking for real growth. However, you don’t need to use heavy weights all the time – resistance from bands can be just as effective. This particular routine adds a twist (literally) along with some static holds to increase the tension and stimulate the core muscles. Start with 1-second holds and work your way up to 5-second holds to finish a set.

Try 3 sets of count-ups to 5-second holds to try out this abs-builder.

5. AB Wheel Rollout

best advance core exercise

The ab wheel rollout exercise is a great way to work all the muscles of the upper body, especially the hip flexors and core muscles. Compared to traditional ab exercises like crunches or sit-ups, the ab roller exercises are more challenging and effective.

The Ab Wheel rollout exercise is a compound move, which means it activates multiple muscle groups at once. The ab wheel rollout can give you a better abdominal workout than traditional flexion exercises, allowing you to build stronger and more defined abs.

The ab rollout is a slightly tougher core exercise, and without proper progressions can actually increase injury. The exercise wheel puts pressure on the lower back muscles, spine, and hip flexors. If you have problems with any of these areas, it’s best to avoid this exercise.

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6. Seated Abdominal Crunch

best machine ab exercise

It is the best ab exercise at the gym that burn your abdominal fat and build ab muscle. The external pressure of the ab machine kills your fat and builds a structure six-pack.

Sit on the edge of the platform, with your legs extended straight out. Contract your abs and bring your knees towards your chest. Return to the start position, and repeat until you’re tired.

7. Decline Bench Crunches

decline bench crunches

Position yourself on a decline bench with your feet secured by the pads. Lay back and place your arms across your chest or behind your head.

To begin the movement, pull yourself up by your abdominals. Do not force yourself up by pulling on your neck. Let your abs do all the work.

Once you reach the top, slowly lower yourself back down. Again, focus on letting your abs do all the work. Repeat by bringing yourself back up.

8. Hanging Leg Raises

Hanging leg raises are a great way to tone your core muscles and see results quickly. All you need is a push-up bar and you can add additional weight if you want more resistance. If done correctly, you can expect to see your six-pack within one month!

hanging leg raise

Lie face up straight and put your hands at your sides or underneath your hips. Engage your core. Slowly raise your legs, keeping them together and as straight as possible, raise them until your heels are perpendicular to the floor. Pause a beat then slowly lower it down toward the floor. Now here you do not need to touch the floor, keep them hovering a few inches off. At the same momentum, raise them again until the 12 reps are completed.

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9. Incline Bench Leg Raise

incline bench leg press

This challenging exercise requires you to have strong upper-body and core muscles. This is the best ab exercise for your lower ab muscle.

Begin by lying on an angled bench with your head up and your feet low, strapped into ankle weights. Hold on to the bench behind your head and, keeping your legs straight, raise them up toward the ceiling until your body is vertical and resting on your upper traps. Slowly lower yourself back down, all as one unit. “These are so hard because they require a lot of upper-body strength, as well as tremendous core strength to reach toward the ceiling and lower under control.”

10. Freestyle seated Crunches

This exercise is a combination of two or more exercises that tone and sculpt or develop cutting on your six-pack. A combination of two or more different exercises must be in your every muscle workout day. This is also known as a superset. To make a powerful ab exercise, we combined three different crunches: Bicycle crunch, Tucked crunch, and V-sit crunch.

Sit on the bench on your hips by extending and lowering the legs. Do 1 rep of Bicycle Crunch at the sitting position. Do 1 rep of tucked crunch by reaching your bended knees towards the chest and by planting hands on the side of the body on the floor near the hips. Do a V-sit crunch by tucking your both lower and upper body at the same time. (Reach your hands into your feet by raising your legs up at hips-width). Repeat in a comfortable and controllable way.

10 Minutes Ab Workout Chart

These four exercises must be performed in order and without any rest in between. Once the fourth exercise is complete, take a one-minute break and then start from the beginning. After four rounds, it might feel like the longest 10 minutes of your day, but it will also be the most productive. All you need is a floor and 600 seconds.

  • Exercise 1 – Russian Twist for 12 reps on each side. Make sure you squeeze your abs. Don’t just go back and forth without contracting your abs.
  • Exercise 2 – Lying Leg Raises for 20 reps. When you raise your legs, lift your hips up at the top of the movement and squeeze your abs.
  • Exercise 3 – Hanging Leg raises for 20 reps. Contract your abs.
  • Exercise 4 – Plank for 20 seconds. As tired as you may be at this point, suck in your stomach and forcefully breathe out. You’ll feel it in your core.
  • Rest – 1 minute.

The circuit should be repeated three times for a total of four rounds. The entire workout should take no longer than 8-10 minutes. You can do this workout at home, at work, at the gym, or anywhere else. All you need is 10 minutes and this program.