Advanced Abs Workout to Build Your Six Pack

Muscles Target: Abs, Transverse Abdominal, Obliques
Dumbbell, Elevated Bench.

abs workout

Are you exhausted to do the routine of simple abs workouts?

If you continue the article, I think ”Yes”. The wishing of an advanced level of abs exercise benefits you burn more fat, muscle, build more shape, and make more love to the overall body.

To start an advanced abs workout, firstly you need to do easy core muscles exercise to warm up the abdominal muscles. You can do plank exercise. The plank provides a simple and effective core warm-up that activates all major ab muscles.

The below six advanced exercises are very tough and compound exercise, that really not for the beginner or intermediate gym person.

Freestyle seated Crunches

freestyle seated crunches

Step1: Sit on the bench on your hips by extending and lowering the legs.

Step2: Do 1 rep of Bicycle Crunch at the sitting position.

Step3: Do 1 rep of tucked crunch by reaching your bended knees towards the chest and by planting hands on the side of the body on the floor near the hips.

Step4: Do a V-sit crunch by tucking your both lower and upper body at the same time. (Reach your hands into your feet by raising your legs up at hips-width).

Step5: Repeat in a comfortable and controllable way.

Lateral Kick sit Toe Tap

lateral kick sit toe tap

Step1: Make a push-up position.

Step2: Then in a controlled way turn your body’s right side. Keep your right hand and left foot on the floor and turn by offing both left hand and right foot from the ground.

Step3: Now extend your leg below to the ground not touch an arm above the shoulder.

Step4: Crunch by touching your toes through hand fingers. Come back to pushup position.

Step5: Repeat on the left side.

Note: Do all the movements in the same momentum.

Sprinters Mountain Climbers

sprinters mountain climber

Step1: Make a high plank position.

Step2: Now push your both legs up to jump then: bend your right knee and engage it toward the chest or the left leg straight in the air. Go back your right knee at the air towards the left and land gently. Repeat it the same with your left leg. Do 1 rep.

Step3: Then again jump and now tuck your both legs by bent knees towards your chest. Straight them in the air and land them gently. Do 1 rep.

Step4: The ended move is standard mountain climber: Do 2-2 reps on each side.

In & Out to Climbers

in and out to climbers

Step1: Make a high plank position.

Step2: Now raise your hips up and comes your legs in the level your hips. Do 2 reps.

Step3: Then do 1 mountain climber with an engaged core.

Step4: Repeat.

Weight Transfer

weight transfer

Step1: Sit on the bench and ground where your legs are hanging, lower than your hips.

Step2: Grabs a dumbbell on your right hand and reach your right hand from your left feet by raising it up.

Step3: Lower the both simultaneously and pass the dumbbell to another hand below the raised leg.

Step4: Repeat the same to another side.

Dumbbell Leg Raise

leg raise with weight

Step1: Lie down on your back by planting your hand’s side of the body on the floor.

Step2: Now put a dumbbell on your feet and raise it up at the hips- level.

Step3: Now lower it very slowly with feeling pressure. Not touch the floor or drop the dumbbell on the floor, in a slight gap repeat it up.


  • The above exercises are a compound exercise that includes two or three moves. In all moves, you have not wanted to pause continued movement in the same momentum.
  • Engage your core muscle and do exercise in a controlled way.
  • Do 8-12 reps in each set with 3 sets. Rest = 60 seconds.

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