Top 10 Best Abs Workout At Home That Reduces Your Belly Fat Very Fast.

Muscle Worked:Abs, Obliques, Glutes
Level:Beginners to advance
Main Goal:Achieve abs within one month
abs workout

Best Abs Workout At Home!” – If you’re looking to train your abs at home very fast, then the matter of happiness is that there are lots of exercises that will help to build abs and achieve your goal. But if you know some better moves that directly focus on abs, then may you make it very fast. There are multiple layers of abdominal muscles (abs) including soft tissue, nerves, and blood vessels that make up the full abdominal wall. And here the below moves that target all these walls that really important for keeping your entire body strong and stable.

If you want the best shape of your abs, then you also love to do other exercises like core. Even when you do exercises that recruit more of one muscle than the others (for example, side planks that really fire up the obliques), you’ll notice that you still have to engage your entire midsection to do them right, which is proof that these muscles are never working completely alone. It’s important to show equal love to all of the muscles of the core so that this unit can power itself properly from all angles. Don’t worry, it’s not a way of nervousness, it so simple.

The main matter is about your core muscles because core muscles include your abs, obliques, hips, and many other important muscles. By doing core, you can also train your abs, but if you want some extra-ordinary abdominal workout without equipment, then you open the right website. Here, we show all abs killer workout that makes your abs from all angles.

Bicycle Crunch

It is a great compound exercise you can do at home and is most effective to build your abdominal muscles and core strength.

Bicycle crunch

How to do Bicycle Crunch?

Lie on the mat, place your hands on the back of your head. Bring both of your knees toward your chest and they are parallel to the ground. Keep your elbows wider and curl your head up. Now bring your left elbow toward your right knee by extending your left leg and right arm back. Then bring your right elbow toward your left knee by extending the right leg. Continue the momentum on the alternating side.

  • Sets: 3-5 sets
  • Reps: 20-12 reps with each leg.

Note: When you bring your left elbow toward your right knee, your other limbs are straightened or back, or when you bring the straightened limbs then simultaneously back the other one in the same action.y nehnhWWeW

Hollow Extension-to-Cannonball

The Hollow Extension-to-Cannonball is an isometric core exercise that strengthens the abdominal muscles and internal or external obliques.

Hollow extension to cannonball

How to do Hollow Extension-to-Cannonball?

Get into a cannonball-type shape on your back, hugging your knees into your chest—yes, just like you’re at the pool at summer camp again. Simultaneously extend your legs and arms outwards into a “hollow” position, pressing your lower back to the floor. Hold for five seconds before curling up again, and complete 12 reps for one set.

  • Sets: 3-5 sets
  • Reps: 20-12 reps

Russian Twists

The Russian twist is a core exercise that improves oblique, spine, core and abs strength. With building abs, it’s also working on total core exercise that’s benefits your balance, builds stability in your spine, and trims your mid-section all at once.

russian twist

How to do Russian Twists?

Sit up tall on the floor with bend your knees and feet off the ground or on the ground. Hold a medicine ball or plate and squeeze it with your hands at chest height. Lean backward with a long, tall spine, holding your torso at a 45-degree angle and keeping your arms a few inches away from your chest. For here, turn your torso to the right, pause and squeeze your right oblique muscles, then turn your torso to the left and pause to squeeze your left oblique muscles. The movement should come from your ribs and not your arms.

  • Sets: 3 sets
  • Reps: 12 reps on each side

Bird Dog

This variation on the basic bird dog incorporates fluid movement to engage your abs and back while improving core mobility.

bird dog

How to do Bird Dog?

Make a position of the dog, like your hands below your shoulders and knees below your hips. Lift and straighten your right leg at hip level and at the same time lift and extend your left arm forward at shoulder level, palm down. Bring the right knee and left elbow toward each other at the same momentum. Return to starting position and do it 12 reps. Repeat on the other side with the same procedure.

  • Sets: 3 sets.
  • Reps: 12 reps on each side.

Reverse Crunch

Reverse Crunch is an advanced level of exercise that targets your rectus abdominis (your all six-abs). It reduces belly fat fast and builds muscles on the abdominal wall.

Reverse Crunch

How to do Reverse Crunch?

Lie down with your back on a mat with knees bent at 90 degrees and shins are parallel to the ground. Put your arms side of your body with palms down. Exhale and brace your core. Now tuck your knees forward your chest in a controllable way and at the same momentum extend your shins upward to ceiling with your hips and lower back lift off the ground. Hold for a beat and slowly lower the legs and go in a reverse way like as you tuck the knees toward the chest and then make it 90 degrees. You can do maximum reps as you were strong with 3 or 4 sets.


Plank is one of the best exercises for the core, glutes, and hamstrings that support proper posture, and improve balance. Holding the plank position takes strength and endurance in your abs, back, and core.


How to do it?

Bend the elbows on shoulder-width by resting your forearms on the mat and your hands facing forward in a parallel position. Extend your legs out behind you and rest your toes on the floor. Your body should form a straight line from shoulders to heels. Engaged your entire core, your glutes, and your quads. Make sure you are not dropping your hips or hiking your butts up high toward the ceiling. Make a neutral position and your head is also not tucked anywhere else, gaze in on your hands. Hold the position for 30-60 seconds with 3 sets.

Single Leg V-Ups

Single leg v-ups are an advanced level of rectus abdominals and obliques muscles that hit the next level of burning your belly fat and successfully harden and transforming your abdominals.

single leg v-ups

How to do Single Leg V-Ups?

Lie on your back by extending your arms back straight along with the ears. Exhale and engage your core, roll-up by lifting your left leg up. Pause at the top and reach for your toes before rolling slowly back down to the mat. Then perform on the other side. This completes two reps.

Tips: Latoya says to complete 60 reps (30 reps per side). We suggest breaking them up into two or three sets and more intensity, adding a twist.

Leg Raise

This exercise hits the lower abs and is also a great exercise to strengthen and lengthen the hip flexors, which play a vital role in core stability.

How to do Leg Raise?

Lie face up straight and put the hand at your sides or underneath your hips for extra support. Slowly raise your legs, keeping them together and as straight as possible, until the heels are perpendicular to the floor. At the same time slowly put it back down toward starting position, but don’t touch the floor, keep them hovering a few inches off. At the same momentum, repeat it again until the 12 reps are completed.

Tips: Put your hand’s side of you, not under your hips to better performance. And make sure your lower back is flat on the floor.


The hollow hold is an excellent core exercise for targeting the transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, obliques, quads, hip flexors, inner thighs, and erector spinae muscles.


How to do Jackknife?

Lie on the mat with your back on the ground. Straighten your arm to the opposite side of the body along’s your ear. Extend your legs at a 45° angle and reach your arms toward your feet by lifting your head and shoulders off the mat. Try to create a V shape with your torso and legs. Hold for 5 breaths, and then roll onto your back and bend your knees again.

  • Sets: 3 sets
  • Reps: 12 reps

Mountain Climber

Mountain climbers are not only the best exercise for the core and also for the different muscles including shoulders, hamstrings, triceps, and quads. It is an advanced level of abs exercise that kills the rectus abdominal.

mountain climber

How to do Mountain Climber?

Start in a high plank with your hands directly under your shoulders. For coming in action slightly put your feet forward (like 2 to 4 cm). Bring one knee toward your chest by another one straight. Alternate, bring the opposite knee forward with the same action at a time, while when you put the first one knee back to the same position.

  • Sets: 3 sets
  • Reps: 12 reps with each leg.

Tip: Keep your core, butt, and quads engaged to avoid rocking your hips.

Advance Tips

If you want six abs very fast, do exercise that targets your lower abs. Lower abs are very difficult to build than upper abs.

For achieving good abs you need to reduce overall body fat.

Not only exercise can effect to reduce fat and make abs, but your diet also plays so much importance.

Reduce or balance the calories that reduce fat and build muscle.